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Importance of photography

Importance of photography

Photography is the art of recording on a surface by the action of light.

 It is one of the oldest arts and can be traced back to early Greek times.

 Probably the most significant property, which distinguishes photography from other fine arts, is that it can never be captured exactly as it was at first sight.

A photograph’s power to communicate a message is the highest. What better way to describe your product, service or event than with a photo?

Photography is an art. It can be used to communicate messages, express feelings or experiences and recall memories.

Photography provides a great opportunity to capture the meaning of a moment.

Photography is considered as an art because it is also used as a means of expression but not just only capturing what we see.

Photography provides a great opportunity to capture the meaning of a moment.

An introduction to the art of photography

Photography has been a flourishing and ever-emerging art form since its inception in 1839. The use of technology at our finger tips today has changed the way we take and edit images to portray our perspective. This has changed what is seen as “artistic” photography.

Photography can be artistic when it depicts reality in a way that makes one feel something, or when it captures moments from everyday life through an artistic lens, or when it tells a story. Photographs may show the world as you wish it to be, or as you have observed it in reality.

The worth of a photograph lies not in its clarity but in its ability to promote thought and emotion within a person who views it. It is not necessary for photographs to be clear and sharp; they only need to provoke thought and evoke emotion (1). Photography is also classified as fine art because all types of photography are seen as being creative expressions

Photography is an art because it captures memories in moments, it freezes time and remembers the past. It takes a picture to create a memory that is always there to help us recall our thoughts.

Photography brings people together with those we love in a way no other art form can. It transcends the physical, and speaks directly to the heart and mind of people through its beauty.

The power of photography goes beyond capturing memories or making people feel good about themselves. It’s not just something you do when you want to document your life or keep track of what you’ve done over the course of a year—it’s also an opportunity for self-expression.”

There are different types of art and one of them is photography. Photography is an art and it should not be underestimated because it’s the only way to capture the moment in a picture.



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